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The pros at Leak1 Leak Detection have been meeting the commercial plumbing needs of business owners, landlords, and other commercial facility owners in and around Orlando, FL for years. Owners and managers know they can trust us with any kind of plumbing need, including commercial leak detection in Orlando, FL. When you realize that you have a water leak, it’s important that you bring in a company that can quickly locate and rectify the issue. If you hire us, our No. 1 goal will be to protect your business from serious issues caused by pipe leaks. Follow the lead of other commercial facility owners and managers in Orlando, FL and let Leak1 Leak Detection handle all of your plumbing needs.

A Needle in a Haystack

Even when you know that there’s a water leak in your commercial facility in Orlando, FL, that’s only part of the equation. In the most obvious of cases, you may notice something as blatant as a burst pipe under a sink that’s spewing water across the floor. However, leaks that are that obvious are rare. Trying to detect a water leak, especially in something as large as a commercial facility, is like trying to locate the proverbial needle in a haystack.

Fortunately, Leak1 Leak Detection has a team of professionally licensed plumbers with the tools necessary to find leaks, even if they’re inside the walls or under the floors of your facility. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that water leaks are “out of sight, out of mind.” An unrepaired water leak can produce a multitude of problems. Not only do you put yourself in a position to experience mold and mildew growth, water leaks can threaten the structural integrity of your building.

Common Sources of Water Leaks

Depending on the type of commercial facility that you own in Orlando, FL, some of these potential causes of water leaks may be more prevalent than others. In our experience, however, most water leaks can be related to one of the following fixtures.

Regardless of the type of facility that you own or operate, you have sinks somewhere in the building. Whether it’s a kitchen with multiple sinks or a retail facility with restrooms, sinks are a necessary part of any plumbing system. Drain clogs, poorly fitted pipes and other plumbing issues can all result in water leaks in and around sinks.

If you own or operate a hotel or an apartment complex, you probably have showers or tubs in all of the units. In the same way that clogged drains and improperly fitted pipes can cause a leak in a sink, they can do the same in a tub.

Finally, all commercial facilities have toilets. While the number of toilets in your facility may vary, they are perhaps the most crucial part of a good plumbing system. However, due to the high amount of usage and the things that often pass through them, they are prone to leaks. Even something as seemingly innocent as a constantly running toilet can indicate a leak that needs to be repaired quickly.

Signs of Water Leaks

As stated above, most water leaks aren’t blatantly obvious. Obviously, you’ll want to entrust the process of detecting a leak to the professionals serving Orlando, FL. However, there are still signs that you can look for that let you know that you have a leak and where it is. For instance, if you notice wet spots in your walls or ceiling, there’s obviously a leak. Running toilets and dripping faucets are also signs. Finally, if you notice a significant increase in your monthly water bill, there’s a good chance that you have a leak somewhere. If you notice any of these signs, don’t hesitate to reach out to Leak1 Leak Detection.

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There are plenty of other companies vying for your business in Orlando, FL. However, we believe that our commitment to world-class customer service sets us apart. Not only does every job that we perform come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, all of our pricing is provided upfront. This means you never have to worry about hidden fees. Regardless of the type or size of your commercial facility, call Leak1 Leak Detection at 407-305-6490 to learn more about our leak detection and other plumbing services.

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