5 Reasons Early Leak Detection Saves You Money

Close up of drop of water on old used plumbing hose. Concept of need to check quality of plumbing in bathroom and danger of leakage

5 Reasons Early Leak Detection Saves You Money

Leak detection is the process that our plumbers use to search your home or business for damage. The first clue to a hidden leak is a sudden change in your water bill. Easy-to-spot leaks are often pipes under the sink. You can prevent major damage by catching these issues early, and early leak detection can help you in other ways.

1. Saves Money on Your Water Bill

Leaking faucets and showerheads can waste a lot of water. A leaky faucet can waste up to 3,000 gallons of water per year, which is equivalent to 180 showers. Your water bill would rise dramatically with a leaking faucet or toilet because water isn’t free, but after finding the leak, your water bill will return to normal. Contacting our plumbers is a preventive measure to protect your home and bank account.

2. Protects Your Home’s Structure From Damage

Whether the leaking pipe is inside or outside, it can cause serious damage to your residence. A leaking pipe inside your home can cause damage to your floor or drywall. You’ll then have to call a contractor to correct the situation. A leaking pipe outside can damage your foundation over time, and structural damage can be terribly costly. Our plumbers will inspect your system inside and outside your home to prevent costly repairs. A common area where outside leaks occur is your pool.

3. Prevents Damage to Your Possessions

Some leaks are worse than others. Water damage can cause flooding and damage to appliances, furniture, and other possessions. Insurance doesn’t always cover water damage from flooding. You’ll have to replace your furniture and appliances yourself without insurance coverage. You can save on costly repairs and replacements by using early leak detection.

4. Prevents Health Issues From Water Damage

A leaking pipe can cause health issues for your family. Common symptoms that arise from a leaking pipe include wheezing and nasal congestion. There are many diseases that you can get from breathing in contaminated air. A pipe may burst if a leak goes on too long, and a burst pipe is a worst-case scenario for your health and home. Mold usually follows flooding.

5. Lowers the Cost of Repairs

Early leak detection will save you money in the long term. Whatever you pay at the moment is less than you would if the pipes were to cause severe damage. Catching things early simply costs less. The worst thing that can happen with a leak in your system is the issue becoming a slab leak or burst pipe.

There are multiple reasons to use early leak detection for your plumbing system. It could save you from replacing appliances and furniture or needing to have a contractor repair part of your home. If you suspect plumbing leaks or slab leaks in Melbourne, FL, call us at Leak1 today.