5 Reasons Why Early Water Leak Detection is Essential?

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5 Reasons Why Early Water Leak Detection is Essential?

All aspects of infrastructure need updates, or they’ll begin to fall apart and malfunction. Water pipes are more challenging because thousands of water pipes in the U.S. leak annually. A leaking water pipe can cause damage to your walls, floors, and foundation. There are many reasons to practice early water leak detection in your home.

1. Freezing Water

Fluctuating low temperatures make leaky pipes more common in winter. Water left in your pipes can freeze if the temperature gets low enough. After water freezes, it expands, which cracks or bursts your pipe. A burst pipe will cause structural water damage until a plumber fixes it. Early water leak detection is essential during winter for this reason. One way to avoid freezing water is to insulate your pipes.

2. Interior and Exterior Damage

Leaks cost water and money but can also cause damage to surrounding structures. As a water leak increases in size, more structural damage can occur. A small leak hidden behind your wall or floor can deteriorate the area and require a complete repair. Fixing a section of your house instead of just the pipes costs more labor. Finding a leak earlier saves you time and money on construction. A water leak outside your home can flood your yard or damage a neighbor’s foundation. Early water leak detection protects your home and maintains its value longer.

3. Cost of Procrastination

A small leak can become a big leak over time, and early leaks are more manageable. Professionals can quickly deal with your issue. Fixing a cracked or burst pipe before more water damage spreads saves you money in the long run. Early leak detection gives you the peace of mind to understand what’s going on with your home.

4. Water Safety

Homeowners and employers need to know that the water in their buildings isn’t making anyone sick. A water leak not only costs you money but can let contaminants into your drinking water. You use water for all sorts of things around your home besides drinking. Waste pipes send waste from your building, but a leaking waste pipe could contaminate the soil around your home or business.

5. Save You Money

An unexplained increase in your water bill is a good indicator of a water leak. December is harder to notice because many people host family and friends for the holidays. Your water bill stays around the same amount unless something changes in your household or there’s a leak. The EPA estimates that early water pipe detection can save you about 10% on your water bill.

There are many reasons to use early water leak detection for your home or business. The longer a leak goes, the more time, money, and labor you’ll need to repair the issue. Our plumbers can inspect plumbing, slabs, and commercial systems to minimize the water damage on your property. If you suspect a water leak while the weather changes in Melbourne, FL, call us at Leak1 for a plumbing inspection today.