Don’t Let Plumbing Leaks Ruin Your Holiday Gatherings

back view of young professional plumber fixing sink in bathroom

Don’t Let Plumbing Leaks Ruin Your Holiday Gatherings

Plumbing leaks can be a real downer, especially during the holidays. Family gatherings and holiday parties aren’t quite the same when you have wet carpet, mildew smells, or stained drywall.

When you live in Melbourne, Florida, everyone loves to visit, especially during the winter. Scheduling a leak detection service in the fall, before the holidays, can save you from leaky disasters and home repairs when you’re trying to prepare for family and other guests. Here’s why it’s essential to schedule service ahead of the sunny Florida holiday season.

Find Existing Problems Before They Cause Extensive Damage

Plumbing companies provide leak detection services to quickly find the source of a problem and repair it fast. Hissing or dripping sounds, wet spots on walls, mildew growth, and buckling floorboards are just a few of the signs and symptoms of water leaks.

Plumbers use various diagnostic tools to locate problems and potential issues so you can get them fixed before the busy holiday season starts. An expert plumber uses acoustic tools, such as a specialized microphone, to listen to the activity of your pipes in different areas of your home.

For pipes deep in the walls or underground, a plumber uses a mini camera on the end of a fiber optic cable. The cable is fed down your pipes to reveal pinhole leaks, invading tree roots, and other damage that could soon result in a burst pipe.

Plumbers also use thermal equipment to pick up changes in water temperature along pipes. Where leaks are present, there is typically a change in water temperature.

Get Repairs Finished Before the Holidays

There’s nothing worse than having your house torn up during the holidays when you have family coming to town. Unfortunately, water leaks can wreak havoc and cause extensive damage. After needed repairs, the areas might also need drywall patching and a new coat of paint. This situation isn’t the type of project most people want to deal with during the holidays.

Water damage deep into your home’s infrastructure will need a few days to dry out. The plumber will have large, industrial fans blowing all day and night to prevent mold and mildew from growing. Not the coziest environment for a gathering!

Do a Preemptive Strike on Future Problems

During the last months of the year in Melbourne, Fl, holiday get-togethers can cause clogs that place additional stress on your home’s plumbing. Your kitchen plumbing will get a heavier workout from more dishwasher use, running the garbage disposal more often, and washing extra loads of linens.

The bathrooms will probably get more use, with the shower running more often and more hair and toothpaste in the sinks. There’s also a lot more toilet flushing going on. Clogs contribute to leaks because they create a blockage, and pressure builds up in the pipes, causing them to burst.

Take Charge of Your Home’s Plumbing Before Holiday Gatherings

Schedule a leak detection service to ensure that your home is in tip-top shape before the holidays. You will get a quick, efficient diagnosis and repair, and everything will be ready for the additional usage and stress your plumbing endures during the holiday gathering season.

When you schedule a leak detection service for your home in Melbourne, Fl, you can rely on the team at Leak1 Plumbing to get the job done quickly, expertly, and to your satisfaction. Call for an appointment today!