Tips for Choosing the Right Leak Detection Company

Tips for Choosing the Right Leak Detection Company

The most effective approach to handle a leak is with the assistance of a professional plumber to give you the remedy and information you need to safeguard your health and investment. These tips will tell what to look for when hiring a leak detection company.

1. Ensure Transparency

You have the right to obtain a specific and binding contract with the leak detection company you choose. What details go into the contract will save you financially and psychologically in the long run. Every contract should include basic items like the company’s name, license number, and address. Details of when the company will start and end the service should be clearly noted. A detailed list of materials and products, wherever applicable, should be included as well. The contract should mention your right of rescission. Any changes during the scope of the work need to be entered.

2. Review Materials

If you are hiring a leak detection company in Melbourne, FL, be sure to review their license. Just seeing it does not suffix. You might want to know if the license is active and that there are no suspension notices by calling the local government office. Check if the contractor has current liability insurance and worker’s compensation. This will protect employees when detecting the leak, whether it is water, gas, or sewer. If you are still worried about the possibility of injuries happening when workers are placing themselves in a hazardous situation, contact your insurance carrier as well.

3. Get References

Ask your neighbors, friends, family, or read forums for as many references as possible. Don’t limit your questions to finding out if the company did a good job previously. Let them be more detailed. For example, ask them if the crew showed up on time, whether the job was completed on time, were there any issues later, or would they use the company again.

4. Hire a Comprehensive Service Provider

Melbourne, Florida is one of those cities known to enforce strict building and construction codes. The city department will require that you obtain permits for any digging, trenching, repair, or renovation done to your property during a leak. Permits may cost money as well as require inspections before you can even begin the process. Without a permit, if your leak detection company gets the work done and years later a problem occurs, you will be held responsible. If a faulty job is done on electrical wiring, plumbing, or other areas of the property, you can bet that your insurance company can refuse to pay any claim. By hiring a company that handles necessary permits and paperwork, you are ensuring that the work is complying with all safety guidelines.

Only a professional leak detection company can decide the best course of action for a project. For additional advice, you can contact Leak1, the number one expert for leak detection that serves Titusville, Jupiter, Winder Garden, and surrounding areas.