How Plumbing Leaks Can Compromise Your Home’s Safety

Black mold on a wet wall

How Plumbing Leaks Can Compromise Your Home’s Safety

According to statistics on insurance claims, homeowners are six times more likely to experience water damage than a residential fire. One common misconception is that most water damage is from storms and extreme weather events. However, all types of leaks can cause significant losses and hazards to your Melbourne, FL home in the following ways.

Excessive Moisture Weakens Joists and Beams

Depending on the leak’s location, the water can lead to varying levels of damage. Over time, the moisture will weaken your drywall and cause paint to peel. Wood rot can spread to the joists and beams supporting the structure of your house.

Rotting wood and corroded beams can make structures hazardous to the building’s occupants. Your wall and roofing can warp or even collapse. Addressing leakages on time will save you money and keep your family safe.

Check hoses and faucets regularly for cracks and leaks. Defective piping leading to your washing machine, water heater, or dishwasher can cause significant leakage in your home.

Contamination and Corrosive Water

Copper or lead pipes in older homes are prone to corrosion. If the water has corrosive elements, it dissolves the piping materials.

For example, corrosive water can dissolve copper, which gets into the drinking water. Copper in your drinking water causes a metallic taste and blue-green stains in the sink.

As more copper and lead gets into the drinking water, the higher the risk of leakage. The water becomes more corrosive and leads to a recurring problem.

A plumbing inspection can determine if your drinking water supply is at risk. You may have to replace your pipes to eliminate the contamination risk. New plumbing components should be resistant to corrosion.

Toxic Black Mold

Frequent leaks can trigger moisture problems. Greenish-black toxic mold thrives in conditions with constant moisture. Newer homes in Brevard County tend to have an airtight insulation envelope, so they develop mold faster.

The toxic black mold can be complicated and expensive to remove once it spreads. You can prevent a mold problem by planning plumbing repairs as soon as you spot a leak. At Leak 1, we offer fast, affordable, and dependable leak detection services in Melbourne, FL.

Respiratory Complications

As moisture accumulates in your home, it may cause peeling paint and mold growth. Moisture saturation will eventually deteriorate your home’s indoor air quality. Mold spores and paint molecules can cause sneezing, coughing, and fatigue.

With an average humidity of 77%, your Melbourne home could be prone to microbial infestation. Even if the microbes have spread, you will first have to resolve the moisture problem. If you spot green-black streaks around areas with plumbing connections, your home may have a chronic leakage problem.

Precisely locating the crack in your pipes is the first critical step toward restoring your plumbing for the long term. Modern leak-detection techniques are more accurate, involving laser, infrared, or hydrostatic tools. You can consult us at Leak 1 for slab-leak detection in Melbourne, FL.