Close-up Of Water Is Leaking From The White Sink Pipe

5 Signs You Have a Hidden Water Leak

When your faucet leaks, you will notice a small amount of water coming from the tap and sitting in the bottom of your sink. Those who live in Melbourne are often unaware of hidden leaks, though. These leaks can occur inside your walls or beneath your floors, as well as inside your cabinets and other places that you can’t always see. There are five key signs of hidden leaks that you should know.

1. Low Water Pressure

You probably expect to turn on the faucet and see a steady stream of water come out. When you have a hidden leak in your home, you’ll likely notice lower water pressure than you had before. This happens because the leak diverts some of the water and keeps it from reaching the faucet. A hidden leak also allows more air into the pipe, which reduces your water pressure.

2. Musty Odors

If you detect a musty odor in your kitchen or bathroom, don’t assume that you just need to clean a little more. Musty smells often pop up when you have a water leak. The odor comes from the damage that the excess water does to surfaces around the room and will likely worsen as the leak worsens.

3. Water Damage

Water damage refers to any type of damage caused by exposure to excessive amounts of water. Floors can absorb a lot of water from a leak and develop a spongy texture that feels soft to the touch. A leak inside the wall will affect the paint or wallpaper and cause it to either peel away or develop small bubbles. You may feel soft spots in other areas of your home caused by the hidden leak.

4. Mildew

A big sign of a hidden leak is mildew. While you can expect to see some mildew on your shower, you should not see it on the floor or other surfaces. Mildew is usually a light green shade. A more serious leak can also help mold thrive in your home. Mold is usually darker in color and can lead to breathing problems and other side effects.

5. High Water Bills

No matter how severe of a water leak you have, it will cause an increase in your water bills. If the leak is big enough, your water supplier may even contact you because it noted that you used so much water. Every time that you get a bill, you should compare the amount of water you used in the last cycle to the amounts from previous cycles. A higher rate of usage indicates a leak.

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