Slab Leak Warning Signs

The most concerning information about a slab leak is that you might have a minimal indication that there is a problem with your home’s plumbing. These leaks are located under the slab foundation of your home and are leaks that cannot be predicted or prevented in most cases. But when they do occur, the results can be catastrophic. For that reason, it is imperative that homeowners understand the warning signs of a slab leak and that they take immediate action when they think they could be dealing with a slab leak.

What Exactly Is A Slab Leak?

If your home was built on a concrete foundation and not a basement, then you have what is known as a slab house. The water lines for your house run under the concrete foundation and stub up through the slab to service the various parts of your home. When one of those water lines becomes damaged and starts to leak, it is referred to as a slab leak because of its location and the difficulty in precisely locating it.

What Causes Slab Leaks

In most cases, the leak in your water line is caused when something shifts. For example, it could be that the pipe, soil around the pipe, or the slab foundation of your home has shifted and placed added stress on the line. The result is a crack that begins to leak water under your home’s foundation and possibly up through it and into your house. Typically, all three of these items are unlikely to shift. However, things like an earthquake, mudslide, or other natural disasters can result in enough movement to damage one of the water lines. In some other cases, the shift resulted from poor installation of the water lines or a flaw in the installation of the home’s foundation. Fortunately, all of these causes of a slab leak are relatively rare.

The Warning Signs Of A Slab Leak

There can be many warning signs of a slab leak, but some are more subtle than others. One of the most common is an unexplained increase in your water bill. If you do not see the water leak, it is likely under the foundation of your home and needs to be located and repaired as quickly as possible to prevent irreversible damage to the structure of your house. You could also be tipped off to the problem by a noticeable drop in your home’s water pressure.

Some of the more noticeable indications of a slab leak include:

  • Noticeably warm or cold areas on the floor
  • Unexplained moisture on the floor
  • Heaving or warping of wood flooring
  • Bulging linoleum flooring
  • Water seeping through the grout lines of a tile floor
  • Cracking on the exterior edge of your home’s foundation

How Leak Detection Works

When you notice any indications of a slab leak, professional leak detection is essential. Call (866) 619-7063 to schedule an appointment with the leak detection experts at Leak1 Leak Detection. Our crew will arrive quickly and armed with the latest in leak detection technology to find even the smallest leaks concealed under your home’s foundation. Some of the most effective tools we use include thermal imaging equipment, sound amplification devices, and temperature probes to locate the leak under the slab foundation.

Any indication of a slab leak should always be taken very seriously. Never waste time trying to locate the leak on your own. Our pros have the tools and expertise needed to find the leak quickly and provide you with as many cost-effective repair options as possible. And once the slab leak is fixed, you will have the added peace of mind of our complete warranty backing our work.