Slab Leak Warning Signs All Homeowners Should Know

Slab Leak Warning Signs All Homeowners Should Know

Water leaks in your home are always a concern because of the potential for costly damage. But the real problem is the leak that is concealed and leaves no noticeable puddle. These leaks, often called slab leaks, are treacherous because they are located under the slab foundation of a home and can be challenging to detect and locate. Unfortunately, they also hold the potential to do a massive amount of costly damage. So knowing the sometimes subtle signs of a slab leak is essential for all homeowners.

Understanding Slab Leaks

If you own a home with no basement but instead is built on a concrete foundation, you own what is often called a slab home. What is essential to know about these houses is that they have most of the water lines running under the concrete foundation and stubbing up through the concrete in locations like the kitchen, bathrooms, and the laundry room. So if any of these water lines begin to leak under the concrete foundation of your home, it is called a slab leak. And the biggest challenge can be knowing that any issue exists because a massive sheet of concrete conceals it.

Do Slab Leaks Occur Often?

The good news for slab home owners is that these leaks are somewhat of a rarity. While they do occur, it is often due to something like a natural disaster that causes the soil or your home’s foundation to move and damage the waterline. So if you live in an area with earthquakes or mudslides, you are slightly more likely to experience a slab leak. But luckily, modern technology and a great deal of training and expertise in the field of leak detection have made locating these concealed leaks much less destructive.

Slab Leak Warning Signs

Visible Moisture – If you see unexplained moisture along the edge of your home’s foundation, it is time to call in a leak detection expert. The leak is often not near the edge of the foundation, but the water will seep to the edge or even begin to wash out some of the soil that is supporting the concrete. Never ignore this subtle sign of a water leak under your home’s foundation.

Warm Or Cold Spots On The Floor – This is more noticeable if you have tile, concrete, or even wood flooring in your home. Carpeting tends to mask the temperature variation. If you notice a warmer spot on the floor, the leak is typically a hot water line. A cold area on the floor is indicative of a leak in a cold water line. If the leak is not noticed for a longer time, you could see water is beginning to weep up through the flooring.

Floor Doming – Many types of flooring will heave or dome if there is a water leak present. Wood, laminate, linoleum, and other pliable floorings will develop a slightly raised area that resembles a dome. This is a good indication that there is a slab leak under the concrete and near the dome.

Foundation Heaving – The soil under your foundation and even your foundation can swell when there is a substantial water leak under the concrete. When this occurs, you could find that the house is being lifted off the foundation. The most noticeable issue is excessive cracks appearing in the floors or walls of your home. You might also see the heaving of the foundation from outside the house.

If you discover any of these signs of a slab leak, call (866) 619-7063 immediately. The Leak1 Leak Detection leak detection experts will locate and repair the leak to minimize the damage to your home’s foundation.