Why You Should Never Ignore A Potential Slab Leak

Why You Should Never Ignore A Potential Slab Leak

If your home is built on a concrete slab foundation rather than a basement, you should be aware of a serious issue called a slab leak. These are leaks in your home’s water lines that are running under the foundation of your home. And if left unrepaired, these leaks can create significant damage to your home and result in severe health concerns due to the growth of toxic black mold. If you ever suspect a water leak in the pipes under your home, an emergency call to a licensed plumber should be your first course of action.

Understanding Slab Leaks

When your home is built on a concrete slab, the water lines are installed before the concrete is poured. That means that the pipes run under the concrete once installed and only angle upward in certain areas to provide water inside your home. Should the lines under the concrete become damaged, the water leak will eventually wash out the soil and rock supporting your home’s concrete foundation. At that point, your house will suffer massive structural damage and will become unsafe.

What Causes Slab Leaks?

The water lines under your home’s foundation can be damaged when soil or the foundation shifts, there is an extreme temperature change, or as a result of improper installation. The damage often creates a tiny crack in the pipe that starts as a slow leak. However, the water pressure will quickly cause the crack to erode and increase the amount of water leaking under your house. Quickly addressing any slab leaks is the key to a cost-effective solution.

Signs Of A Slab Leak

Because your home’s foundation conceals the water lines, you are not likely to see the actual leak. But you will begin to notice signs of a problem. Some of the common indications of a slab leak include:

  • Loss of water pressure
  • Grit, dirt, or particulates contaminating your water
  • Moisture damage to flooring including heaved wood flooring, bubbled linoleum, or water seeping through a tile grout line
  • Warm areas on the floor
  • Unexplained moisture on the floor
  • Areas along your home’s foundation where the soil is washed out or unexplainably moist

As soon as you notice any of these signs of a slab leak, it is imperative that you call for professional leak detection service. Finding and repairing the leak is the only way to limit the water damage to your home and prevent toxic black mold growth.

How Does Leak Detection Work?

Modern technology has made leak detection a far less invasive process. Leak detection experts have years of training and hands-on experience operating moisture sensors, thermal imaging tools, and sound amplification equipment to locate even minor leaks concealed under your home’s concrete foundation. Once the leak is located, you will be provided with as many options as possible for repairing the leaking pipe.

The location of the leak will have a significant impact on the repair process. For example, leaks at the edge of your home’s foundation can often be accessed by digging under the concrete. However, if the leak is near the center of the foundation, it could be necessary to eliminate the leaking water line and install a new pipe in the walls or attic. The last option for repair involves cutting a small access hole in the concrete foundation to repair the line. Once the pipe is repaired and pressure tested, the concrete is replaced.

For help with any slab leak concerns, call (512) 233-6308. The Leak1 Leak Detection leak detection experts are available 24/7 to eliminate any hidden leaks and your stress about damage to your home.