When Is It Time To Call A Leak Detection Professional?

When Is It Time To Call A Leak Detection Professional?

Abstractly, every homeowner knows that many pipes are running through their homes’ walls, floors, and ceilings. But what no one ever wants to think about is what happens when one of those pipes starts to leak. And even worse is the thought of a pipe leaking underneath the slab foundation of your home. All of these leaks are serious because of their potential to cause substantial and costly water damage to your home. And even create some very severe health risks for you and anyone in your home. But if you only think that there might be a leak, how do you know when to call in a leak detection professional?

Better Safe Than Sorry

Looking at the value of your home, its contents, and your health, it is always better to err on the side of caution. The cost of a leak detection appointment from a licensed plumber is far less than the cost of significant water damage repairs, replacing destroyed belongings, and extensive healthcare, treatment, and lost wages from a mold-related health issue. Even if your only reason for concern is a higher than usual water bill, your best option is to call in a professional to rule out a hidden leak in your home or locate one and repair it to minimize the water damage.

With all of that being said, we understand that some homeowners want to have more hard evidence before calling in a professional. If you want to know there is a problem before making that call, below is a shortlist of signs of a hidden water leak. If you discover any of these water leak indications, there is no time to waste. Call in a leak detection expert to locate and repair the problem immediately.

Visual Signs Of Hidden Water Leaks

The first visual indications of a water leak are often discoloration on lighter-colored surfaces. It could be yellowing or light brown stains on walls or floors. Painted surfaces will then begin to bubble or peel, as will wallpaper. Drywall often bulges and then begins to feel like moist chalk. As the leak increases, the surface of a wall can start to warp or noticeably sag. After several days of moisture, finishes are also very likely to develop dark mold on the surface as well as throughout the interior of the wall, floor, or ceiling.  

A Musty Odor

Surprisingly, it only takes a matter of hours for mold to begin to grow in moist, warm conditions. Moisture absorbed by drywall, wood, and other building materials offers the perfect environment for mold infestations. Once you discover mold contamination in your home, it is essential to call in a professional to locate and repair any hidden leaks and examine the extent of the mold growth. In the worst cases, the infestation has compromised the home’s structural integrity as the mold consumed the wood framing of the house. Professional mold abatement will be needed to ensure the safety and air quality in your home.

Overlook No Leak

Even a minor leak can and will create significant water damage to your home if left unrepaired. The first rule of leak detection is that no leak ever remains small. They always increase as they continue to degrade the leaking water line. Calling in a leak detection professional at the first sign of a leak or when you first suspect a leak is always the wisest choice. Call (866) 619-7063 to schedule an appointment with the leak detection experts at Leak1 Leak Detection. Our work is backed by a complete warranty and customer satisfaction guarantee.