Leak Detection Tips That Could Save You A Fortune

Leak Detection Tips That Could Save You A Fortune

Hidden water leaks are every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Just the thought of a water leak concealed in the floors or walls of your home is enough to make you lose sleep. But because these leaks are hidden away out of sight, many homeowners are blissfully ignorant of their existence. And the extremely costly damage they can be inflicting on their homes. However, while the leak is hidden, that does not mean that there will never be any indications of a problem. Every homeowner should know the five most common signs of a hidden water leak in their home.

Stained Ceiling

Any time you notice even a slight discoloration on a ceiling, there is cause for concern. And when the staining appears beneath your upstairs bathroom, the culprit is almost always a water leak. Even a tiny amount of water will be absorbed by the building materials in your home like wood, drywall, and stucco. And as the moisture dries, it discolors the surface of the finished wall, ceiling, or floor. Whenever you see a yellowed or light brown area, it is time to call in the professionals to check for a water leak.

The Subfloor Is Cracking  

The subfloor in your home is the layer above the joists. It acts as a foundation and level surface for the installation of your finish flooring. When the subflooring gets wet due to a water leak in the floor or a nearby wall, it will begin to absorb the moisture and crack. This issue will become visible as your finish surface becomes damaged. It could be splitting linoleum, bulging wood flooring, or cracked tiles. But it is essential to know that you will never drip enough water from your feet after a shower to cause your subfloor to deform. Only a water leak will cause this type of significant damage.

Walls Are Buckling

The sheetrock on your walls is not designed to handle any moisture. When the surface begins to absorb water, it will buckle or bulge outward as it expands. It can be hard to notice this issue on a painted wall. But walls with a plaster finish or wallpaper show the damage more quickly. Wallpaper will split or start to peel, and plaster will begin to crack. Seeing a heaved area of a wall is a sure sign of trouble.

Mold And Mildew

The presence of mold and mildew in ordinarily dry areas is always an indication of a problem. Slight surface mold and mildew in a bathroom or laundry room can be explained. But when the mildew and mold stains appear in a hallway or space with no water service, there is a leak nearby. You can prove this theory by removing the mold with bleach or other cleaners. If there is a leak present, the mold will return in just a day or two. And you will know it is time to call in a leak detection specialist.

A Big Water Bill

Most homeowners can estimate their monthly water bill. So when a shockingly high water bill grabs your attention. Don’t dismiss this as a clerical error. Call your provider if you think it could be a mistake. Be prepared to call in a leak detection expert when the bill amount is confirmed to be accurate.

Any time you think you might have a hidden water leak in your home, fast action is vital. Call (866) 619-7063 for assistance from the team at Leak1 Leak Detection. The quicker we locate and correct any hidden leaks, the less potential for costly water damage to your home.