Essential Leak Detection Tips

No one ever wants to think about having a hidden leak in their home. So when you see odd sights or indications of a problem, many homeowners choose to ignore these hints and the potential of a leak and water damage. But in the case of a water leak, the mindset of out of sight, out of mind, is a very costly mistake. Fast action at the first indication of a leak is essential in limiting the water damage and the repair costs.

The Benefits Of Your Fast Action

When you call in leak detection pros at the first sign of a leak, you are doing everything you can do to limit the damage to your home and the repair cost for any leak that might be found. And if you are very fortunate, the issue you noticed was a false alarm, and you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that there is no leak.

However, if a leak is located, you are saving yourself a substantial amount of money. First, the water that is leaking is not free. And a leak that drips 60 times a minute will add up to around twenty gallons a day. In just three days, that leak will equal the amount of water used to fill an average bathtub.

Second, fast detection and repair save a lot of water damage to your home. Imagine dumping the contents of that entire bathtub inside one of your walls. That water could damage the framework of your home as well as the finishes like flooring, drywall, and even cabinetry. And finally, moist areas are the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. Once your home is invaded by mold, specifically toxic black mold, it can be complicated and costly to have it removed and the area sanitized. But these issues can be avoided with a fast call for leak detection.

Signs You Might Have A Hidden Leak

Knowing the indications or signs of a hidden leak can make a massive difference in the cost to repair a leak. Early action on your part is the best way to limit the damage and cost of repairs. The following are some of the most common indications of a hidden leak in your home:

  • Dripping Sound- When your home is quiet, you could hear a dripping sound or even the sound of running water. These are reasonable indications that you have a leak.
  • Mildew Odor- If you begin to notice an odd mildew smell in a normally dry area, there is a strong possibility that you have a leak.
  • Sudden Water Bill Increase- If you cannot explain a sudden water bill increase, consider the possibility of a water leak. Take action quickly as the leak is significant enough to cause your bill to spike.
  • Pest Intrusions- Bugs and rodents are both attracted to moisture. If you have noticed a sudden infestation of bugs in a specific area of your home, take a closer look for moisture. Bugs like termites and ants flock to puddled water and moist wood. Rodents are also very opportunistic when it comes to free water. Even if you do not see the rodents, you could see signs of them, including droppings and damage where they have chewed their way into your home.

Any water leak in your home can be annoying. But hidden leaks are especially upsetting when you consider the amount of costly damage they can cause. At the first indication of a hidden leak, call (866) 619-7063. The Leak1 Leak Detection leak detection specialists will arrive quickly to locate any hidden leaks in your home.