Leak Detection

You Can Count On

You Can Count On

Leak1 is your local leak detection expert. We can find any leak fast with our state of the art equipment and highly trained team, all at an affordable price.

Florida's Authority

On Residential & Commercial
Plumbing Leak Detection

With cutting edge technology and highly trained technicians, Leak1 Leak Detection are the go-to experts to get the job done, even for the most difficult leaks.

Fast, Same Day Service

Our team is standing-by, ready to rush out to you and find your leak.

Pinpoint Accuracy

We've invested in our staff and equipment for high accuracy detection.

Award Winning Care

We only succeed by providing world-class customer care, our top goal.

Residential Leaks

Slab leak? Wall leak? Don't-know-where leak? We'll find it in your home.

Commercial Leaks

Our team is trained to find leaks on all types of properties.

Protect your home from dangerous leaks today!

Leaks can damage your home, personal property and can skyrocket water bills. Call us today to help find your leak with high tech equipment.

We Find leaks in Walls & Ceilings

Wall and ceiling leaks are obviously the easiest problems to spot, with standing water, discolored walls, peeling paint or mold all visible to the eye. However, finding the exact location and therefore cause of the leak can be far more difficult. Our team of pro’s has the experience and training to isolate the problem with the least amount of added damage (and stress).

Fast, Same Day Service
Easy, No-Fuss Scheduling
wall & Ceiling leaks
High accuracy slab leak location

Slab Leak? No Problem. We find those, too!

A slab leak is usually caused by a water line under your home, either below or inside the concrete slab, becoming damaged. Unfortunately, even the smallest hole can cause a surprisingly large amount of water to be leaked due to the high pressure of these water lines. Our team and equipment are able to find these small holes with pinpoint accuracy reducing the need to break up your home’s slab, saving you money, time and stress.